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Sep 24 2009

New and Rediscovered Beauty Loves

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Over the past few weeks or months I’ve tried some new things in the beauty arena, and I’ve gone back to a few old school products that fell off my radar years ago.  Have you tried…

Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Lipcolor: I am always looking for lipcolor that stays.  I’ve tried all of the lip stains, long lasters, no-budgers, and kiss proof products out there.  I picked this one up because there was a color that I totally loved (Top Tier Truffle), and because it didn’t come with a stupid top coat stick.  I hate carrying around two tubes – one that’s color and one that’s gloss.  Bonus because this product actually does stay put very well, and once it’s dried, isn’t gloppy feeling, like the others.  It takes around ten minutes or so to really set, but once it does, it feels to me like normal lipstick.

Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeshadow: I’ve used Maybelline shadow for years, but I’m ashamed to say that I’ve used the SAME compact forever.  I know you’re supposed to throw makeup out after several months to a year, but I never have.  However, I finally ran out and had to buy a new set.  My old color palette seemed to be gone (I told you, it’s been years), so I settled on a four-color pack called Sunlit Bronze.  Not only is it shimmery without being Disco Sick, but I needed two passes with the eye makeup remover to get it all removed.  That means staying power!

Sally Hansen Color Quick Fast Dry Nail Color Pen: Big, long, name, but I love how it works.  It’s basically the ballpoint pen of nail polish – you click the top, color dispenses through the built-in brush, you paint it on.  It dries VERY fast and covers well.  Plus, you don’t have an open bottle of polish sitting around, waiting for a cat to knock it over.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Double Face Perfector: Another long name.  I’m always looking for something that actually conceals, not only marks on my face, but also my terrible dark eye circles.  This works very well in both areas.  The tube has two ends – one that holds a concealor, which I use on my face, and one that holds a highlighter, which I use under my eyes.  I use powder foundation, so I put this on first, let it set, and then powder over it.  The powder blends everything together, and I can add extra coverage with my powder concealor if I need to.  This does a great job with the undereye circles, too.  The only down side is that the Highlighter side can get a little messy. I’m on my second tube, and I’ve noticed that product has a tendency to ooze out after you close it.  I generally get out about 3/4 of what I think I’ll need, then clean up the drips with my finger and use those as well so I’m not wasting anything.

Noxema: Not anything special, just regular old, comes-in-a-tub Noxema.  I’ve only been using this for two days so far, so it’s a little early to declare it a “love”, but I’d forgotten how nice the tingling is.  It makes me feel like it’s actually doing something.  Plus, my face is not overdried or tight after I rinse it off.  I use a toner afterwards, just to clean off any remaining makeup and to do a little more deep cleaning, but I do that no matter what I use to wash my face.

Nivea Creme: Billed as safe for all over use, but recommended for the “extra dry areas” of elbows, knees, and feet, I use this sparingly on my face.  I need a “winter moisturizer” because my face gets ultra-dry and flaky in winter if I don’t step it up.  One year I used Estee Lauder 100% For Very Dry Skin, and it worked great, but it’s pricy.  Nivea Creme is about $7, and so far, it’s doing the trick.  I can see that using too much will result in an overly greasy face, so I put on a very little bit, wait five minutes, and add a little more if I need to.  The five minute wait also allows it to soak in well so that my makeup goes on better.

Have you found anything lately that you really liked?

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Sep 15 2009

A Cautionary Tale

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We needed a new color ink cartridge for our printer.  We were out and about, driving around, when we remembered this.  I was PRETTY sure I knew the model number, so we decided to go to the store and see if any cartridges matched the number I had in my mind.  Sure enough, one did, so we bought it and brought it home.  Before I opened the box, I double-checked the model number against the model number on my printer.  They matched.  I opened the cartridge and put it in the printer.  It fit.  End of story.

Or so I thought.

Today, Chris needed to print out a D&D character sheet, because it’s fall and that means all the boys want to play D&D again.  So, he fired up the printer and tried to print his document.

“Uh, I’m getting some kind of cartridge incompatibility error”.

Nice.  REAL nice.  The new cartridge is causing our printer to flutter its hands and be all “I don’t LIKE this cartridge.  It’s throwing off my chi and making my feng shui hurt.  Owie.”   After Chris was done printing (in black and white, how draconian), I popped out the cartridge and sat down with the internet to see what I could discover.

Turns out, HP assigned the same model number to two different printers!  Isn’t that wacky?  What’s even more wacky is that both printers are all-in-one jobs – printer/scanner/copiers.  So, you either have a 2210 DeskJet or a 2210 PSC…and both of them do pretty much the same thing.  So when I was standing at Meijer, in front of the print cartridges, and I found one that said “Printer/Scanner/Copier 2210″, I grabbed it.  And when I got home, I looked at the numbers, which matched, and the description of what my machine does and THAT matched too, and to put the cherry on the sundae, the stupid cartridge FIT into the machine that it was not made for!  How the frak was I supposed to know it was the wrong cartridge?

So, here we are, out thirty-some bucks, because I pitched the box and the receipt lo, last week sometime.  Because, why would I keep it?  THE CARTRIDGE MATCHED.  In all ways that a normal person would think to check, the cartridge matched.

Moral of the story?  HP sucks.  Buy Epson.

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