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Jun 30 2011

I do have road rage, thanks for asking.

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I was driving home. I would say I was driving home “the back way”, but there really is no other way to get to my house from the south. All ways are “the back way”. Luckily, all of the back ways are also paved.

So, I’m driving home, and there’s a motorcyclist in front of me. I like to keep a respectable distance between me and any cyclists, because you never know when they might tip over, and I don’t want to be the person to squish a biker. There’s like a car length and a half between me and this biker. Pretty soon, he sticks his right arm straight out to the side in the universal sign for “I’m fixin’ to turn right, pretty quick”. I don’t often see motorcyclists use hand signals, but I figure maybe his turn signal is broken or something. Anyway, since he’s going to be turning soon, I slow down. Before long, he pulls his arm back in. I think that he must have miscalculated where he needed to turn, or maybe he decided not to go home just yet (all that was around to turn onto were driveways), so I started to speed up again. But, just as I sped up, he stuck his right arm straight out again, so I slowed back down. At this point, there are probably five or six car lengths between me and this guy, because I’ve been braking as though a massive slow down was incoming. He holds his arm out for a few more seconds, and then he pulls it back in.  Uh…OK….I started to speed up again, and then he sticks his arm out AGAIN. At this point I realize, he’s not signaling a turn, he’s going “WHEE! I AM ON A BIKE AND THE WIND IS PUSHING AGAINST MY HAND HOW AWESOME!”

That’s when I sped up and got pretty much right on his ass, because if you’re going to be a dumbass with your turn signals, I don’t really care if you’re the biker I squish.

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