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Aug 17 2012

Everyone wants a piece.

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You know, I’m kind of getting tired of every store I go into asking me if I want to give a dollar to their favorite charity. The pet store wants me to give a dollar to homeless pets. The home improvement store wants a dollar to send handicapped kids to camp. The fast food joint is collecting for muscular dystrophy. I mean, I give when I can and I give what I can, but the majority of my giving happens at and through my church. I know if I throw $20 at the lunchbag program and a few cans into the collection box, that stuff is going directly to the needy people in my own neighborhood, with very little to no administrative overhead. But, sometimes, I’ll give a dollar to homeless pets, just because I have an extra dollar and I want pets to have homes. But sometimes I don’t have the extra dollar, or I’ve already given out $10 this week and I need to stop.

A few months back, I was in Babies R Us, exchanging some stuff I’d gotten for things I needed off my registry. I ended up having to pay the difference, and sure enough, the cashier asked “Would you like to donate a dollar toward ending autism?” I knew our money was tight. I said, “No thanks” and proceeded to pay. Afterwards, I stayed at the end of the counter, putting my change and stuff away and getting organized. I heard the cashier ask the next woman in line if she’s like to donate, and she said rather loudly “Yes, I would. I’m against autism.” I looked up, and sure enough, she was looking at me.

Fuck you, lady. I’m against eating ramen noodles because I frittered all my money away on every damn business that has a hand out. I should have flipped her the bird, but instead I just said “GOOD FOR YOU” and left the store.

It puts me off when businesses try to chisel a dollar out of me, especially multi-million dollar businesses. If a local diner has a jar out for a local wounded vet, that’s one thing. If every cashier at Lowe’s is pointedly asking me for an extra buck just to guilt-trip me into giving to their own particular charity, that’s annoying. If you’re soooo concerned, pledge to donate 1% of every purchase and be done with it. Take the money out of your own pocket, big business. But no. They make the cashiers ask, because they know customers will feel guilty saying no, and they also know if someone does say no, there will most likely be a self-righteous asshole like the BRU bitch standing right there to shame them into saying yes next time.


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Aug 16 2012

Six Months

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Today The Boy is six months old.

Half Birthday Picture

It’s really crazy to look back and see how different he is just six short months after we brought him home.

Homecoming day

He went to sleep tonight at 7:30 PM, and if he has a regular night, he’ll get up around 1 AM and 5 AM to eat, and he’ll get up for good around 7 AM. He is sleeping in his own room now. We moved him in there a couple of weeks ago, when he developed his first cold. He was keeping us both up, and we decided to move him so that one of us could sleep in our room while the other took a shift in his room with him. Luckily, he was only really bad for two nights, but I think that having someone with him for those two nights helped with the transition. Now, there’s no problem.

He spends some time every day playing on the floor with his toys, having a fine time, and not needing anything from me other than the reassurance that I’m right nearby.

Playing on the floor

He can crawl properly, but not consistently. He falls to one side after a few “steps”, and tends to rely mostly on army-crawling or rolling to get around in a hurry. I’m sure that won’t last long.

Working on crawling

He eats a variety of “solid” foods (how solid is baby food, really) and has liked everything we’ve given him so far with the exception of green beans, and that might have been my fault. I got the idea to try adding a little seasoning to the green beans, and it may have been that he objected to. We’re going to try them again soon. I’m making all of his baby food, and I think that’s contributed to his acceptance of most things. We gave him store-bought peas one time, and he refused to eat more than a couple of bites. But the peas I make for him? He loves them.

He smiles and laughs at us. He’s happy to see me and his dad. He really is happy to see the cat. I’m sure he thinks she’s a furry toy, and can’t understand why that toy keeps moving away from him. For her part, she tolerates him so much better than I ever dared dream. She’s quite jealous of the attention he gets, but she deals with that by glomming on to whoever is playing with him, not by attacking him.

The Boy and his jealous sister

He knows his name. If you call him, he’ll look at you, assuming that there is nothing else more interesting that he’d rather be checking out. He also knows “up”, and probably several other things that he’s keeping to himself (don’t have to respond to “no” if you don’t let on that you know what it means). I’m thinking of starting baby sign.

Hi there

There are so many other things that he does and doesn’t do, this entry would be forever long if I detailed every way that he’s awesome and all the cool stuff he does that make us proud. Suffice to say, it’s been a wonderful six months. Our baby is growing up quite well. He’s handsome and strong, and loving and sweet, and such a good boy. We love him so much.

Such a big boy

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Aug 03 2012

Goodbye, Little Old Lady Cat

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Yesterday morning, our little clockwork kitty tik-tokked to a stop. Her mainspring had failed, and despite our willingness to attempt a fix, the repairman said there was nothing to be done. All we could do was pet her as she wound down and let her know that she had been one of the very best parts of our lives.

Destiny, August 1 2012


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