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Dec 21 2012

Holiday Annoyances (half-assed)

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You guys, I have no less than THREE half-written entries on my desktop. I write a bunch and intend to go back to it later, and I never do. So I’m putting this one up, even though I wasn’t done with it. Asher’s doing great – he has four teeth, he’s starting to walk a little bit, he’s eating lots of food. I have holiday pictures that I will try to remember to post. Merry Christmas!

The post office, after a run of doing very well which lulled me into a false sense of security, has lost my Christmas cards. The delivery status says “Delivered”, but the cards are emphatically not here, so…yeah. I called up to the post office and very diplomatically asked if they were perhaps holding a package for me for some reason. The guy I talked to got all my info and said he’d look into it. Ten minutes later, my mail carrier was standing at my door, acting like I had hidden my Christmas cards on purpose to get her into trouble. Geez, that guy must have ripped her a new one! I mean, not that she didn’t deserve it, because this problem isn’t exactly new, but I really didn’t expect the post office to send me my carrier for punishment. I think the best excuse she offered was “Well, maybe they are still out in the system somewhere.” I just looked at her and said “The status is marked ‘Delivered’. Does the post office often mark things as delivered if they are still in transit?” She had to admit that no, the post office does not do that, because that would negate the whole point of tracking a package. Anyway, she said she’d go check “with those other people” (meaning the family with a similar name and house number who live a mile away) and try to find out what she could, but I’m trying to resign myself to the fact that the first Christmas cards I ordered that included The Boy have been lost and there is no time to get more made. I’m really, really sad about this.

It’s hard to hold back on giving The Boy his Christmas presents, because I feel like he will enjoy his new toys and he doesn’t understand about Christmas yet, anyway. He’s only 10 months old. If it’s already this hard to wait to give him presents, I’m pretty sure the years when he’s really, really excited about Christmas are going to be torture.

I’ve been baking quite a lot for the first time in years, and it’s because we’ve decided to stay home on Christmas morning and afternoon. The evening will be spent at the in-laws’, as usual. Normally, we’d be going to Grandma’s on Christmas Day, but…Grandma’s gone. Also, The Man and I decided long ago that any children we had wouldn’t be rushed out of the house on Christmas to run all over Creation. This is not an annoyance, except I just realized I’ve been putting all of my preparatory emphasis on treats and not enough on having actual food in the house, so I need to start thinking about that, as well.

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