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Feb 24 2013

Little Things

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The Boy does this thing, when he’s frustrated. He goes “nuh nuh nuh NUH nuh nuh!” and he sounds like a motorcycle engine. And he bounces up and down. As a matter of fact, when we pick him up, he kicks his legs up and down every time. It’s like he’s limbering up for the leaping he’s going to have to do.

He’s been really crabby for the past several days. I guess he’s probably going to have a tooth explosion soon, because he’s normally a very good-natured boy. But it’s not a constant state of nasty mood. He’s pretty sweet sometimes. Today he put his face out to me twice in such a way that I knew he wanted kisses. He’s not usually very generous with hugs and kisses, so that was a big deal.

Photo: Taking a walk outside in the snow.

Taking a walk in the snow

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Feb 16 2013

One year.

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Guess who is one year old today?

Happy birthday to my big little man! I love you so much!

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