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Aug 31 2013

Labor Dabor

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We did a lot of outside work today. We haven’t touched the back deck since we moved in, other than once I repainted the railings. That was a couple of years ago. The deck surface is in bad shape. It’s not rotted or anything, but it needs help. We decided to try the Behr Deck Over stuff on it, but that means a lot of prep work involving stripping off what’s left of the old stain and cleaning the wood. The Man worked on that and I mowed the lawn while The Boy napped. Lucky for us, he took a 2.5 hour long nap today (WHAT.) so I got most of the lawn done. I also pruned the lilac bush and neatened up the apple tree.

After he woke up, The Boy wandered around outside with us. Right now, he really likes rocks. Whenever he goes outside, he grabs two rocks (always two at a time) from the driveway, or the walkway between the back deck and the garage, or from one of the little stone caches he has made around. There’s a pile of rocks on one of our front porch chairs, a little pile on the back steps, a couple rocks on the walkway around the garage, a couple rocks on the front porch steps…you get the picture. He likes rocks. Fortunately, he does not eat them. He just carries them around.

He’s starting to count. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t know what counting is, or what the words mean, but if we say “One”, he’ll often chime in with “TWO!” and maybe “FEE!” He likes saying “Zicks” and “Teen”. We don’t go further than ten. I’m trying to get him to grasp colors and matching, but he gets SO MAD when we’re working on matching, and he puts something in the wrong spot, and I correct him. Dammit, that purple gear is going in the orange spot because that’s the way he wants it! Well, he gets it. (I don’t like it any more than you men.)


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Aug 29 2013

Country boy, city dreams

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If you have The Boy anywhere in the vicinity of moving vehicles, all he wants to do is stand there and watch whatever vehicle it is. Usually, it’s cars. If we take him somewhere, and the choice is Fun Activity or Stand Like a Statue and Watch Cars on the Road, he is going with option B, every time. I guess it’s a novelty for him, because we live in the country, on a road that doesn’t get a lot of traffic. When we take him to a town or city, he soaks it all in, like “Wow, so this is how normal people live. I’m so deprived.”

Yesterday, I took him to a small playground in our town that is located on the main road, which is pretty busy. There is a distance between the actual playground and the road, so it’s not like “fall off the monkey bars and get pasted on the asphalt”, but you can clearly see the traffic from the play area. Well, for one thing, The Boy is not really interested in grass or surfaces that are not paved, so what he really wanted to do was stay in the parking lot (super fun) and stand in one spot and watch the cars go by (extraordinarily super fun). Sadly for him, my goal in taking him to this place was to get him to release some energy so he’d go to sleep in the evening, so we had a little battle of wills, getting him to leave the parking lot and engage in an activity other than blank staring.

Today, I decided to take him to the rail trail, because he has the aforementioned fondness for pavement, and it’s free. I do like to take him to the children’s zoo, too, because at least there are things for me to look at while he’s enjoying the novelty of smooth paths, but the children’s zoo costs money, and we haven’t gotten around to buying our membership yet. So, we went to the rail trail.

Unfortuately for me, the parking lot of the rail trail is situated on a higher traffic road, so it was another battle of wills to get him far enough down the trail where he couldn’t see the cars anymore. I had to get him the stroller and push him a ways down, and then it wasn’t far enough, so we had to go further down the trail, and he was throwing a little fit because the caaaarrrrssss, don’t I know there are cars to stare at? Why do I hate my son so much? All he wants to do is stand around and stare at cars and I am so mean!

Well, once we got far enough down the trail, I took him out of his stroller and said “Go run”, and he did. It’s so funny to watch him run, because right now he runs with his arms out to his sides, and his fat little cheeks bounce up and down with every step he takes. Sometimes, he’ll vocalize too, so he’s making one continuous “ahhhhhh” noise, but because he’s running, it’s coming out “ah-ah-ah-ah-ah”.

For no reason that I can see, sometimes he decides that one or two of the dead leaves on the trail are not supposed to be there, so he drops out of his run to select the offenders, ignoring all of the other dead leaves, pick them up, and throw them off the trail. You two! Dead leaves that are in no way different from the thousands of other dead leaves! You do not belong here! You are ruining the pristine beauty of these surroundings! Off with you! I’m extremely glad he didn’t do this with the dead frogs we passed, of which there were at least eight.

On the way back, some sort of large insect slammed into my forehead at full speed, causing quite a lot of pain. So, I got a little fun out of the day as well.


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Aug 28 2013

Time runs forward.

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It seems like 90% of the pictures I take these days are of Bash running away from me, and that’s not even a thinly veiled metaphor, that just IS the truth about childhood and parenting. He is running away from me, faster than I could have ever imagined.

I read a quote once that said “Motherhood: the years are short and the days are long”, and I’ve found that to be pretty true. To be honest, the day-to-day of raising an infant and toddler is not really that exhilirating. I read these message board posts and mommyblogs and whatevers where the moms sound like they are just wide-eyed with wonder over the amazing gift of preparing chicken nuggets for the 50th day in a row, and I wonder who these women are. I mean, yes, I enjoy the privilege of being able to stay at home and care for my son. I love that I don’t have to drop him off with someone else every day and then go to a job that I maybe don’t even like, just so I can help put food on the table. I know that I am incredibly fortunate that my family can afford for me to be at home with Bash. However, the mechanics of child-rearing are dull. My days are pretty routine, and I’m glad for that. I like predictability.

The downside is that predictibility lulls you into a sense of “everything is the same oh Lord we’re doing this again I can’t believe this is like the 800th time I’ve put this toy back together”. Then, sometimes you look up and realize that this person you’ve been with every single day for the past 540 days (give or take) can say “mailbox”. He knows where his nose is. And you realize that there were moments and milestones that you forgot to record, that you didn’t have time to write down, and now you’ll never remember exactly when it was that he first started saying “meow” whenever he saw a cat. Or exactly how funny he sounded when he said “Byyyeee” in his wistful little accent that is kind of North Dakota and kind of Cockney…where did he pick that up, anyway? And why does he say “Bye” to every single car that drives past?

He’s such a strange little boy, so funny and surprising, and if I don’t start writing down the things that make me laugh and give him a big kiss, I don’t think I’ll remember half of it. I have a bad memory anyway, and things are moving so fast.

I want to be able to look back at his childhood and be able to see at least some things clearly, and I’ll never do that if I don’t start recording. Hopefully, you’ll see more posts from me. I don’t even know if anyone is still looking at this blog. Probably not. But I am looking at it, and maybe one day he’ll be looking at it, too.


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