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Oct 25 2013

His mouth asplode.

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The Boy has had a language explosion lately. He parrots nearly everything we say, which of course means we are starting to watch our mouths a little more carefully. But, the things he picks up on are hilarious to me. I don’t even to set out to teach him certain things, but he learns anyway and surprises me with what will come out of his mouth. Some examples:

  • I walked into his room to get him up from a nap. He was standing in his crib, and when he saw me, he said “Poopy.” And so he was. The other day, he was standing next to the recliner, looking deep in thought, and he looked at me and again said “Poopy.” Yep, again he needed a diaper change. And that’s another phrase he says pretty well: “Diaper change”. You can infer from this paragraph what a lot of our talk centers around.
  • He has started greeting people with “Hey, man!” His dad walked in from work the other day and was cheerfully greeted this way.
  • One of his new favorite things is for us to put him in the swivel desk chair and spin him around until he’s dizzy. This morning when I set him in it he grabbed the arm rests and said “Hang on!”
  • Sometimes when he does something well, I’ll say “Nice!” He often repeats that back in this way: And, as a side note, when he heard that video start playing he cracked up and said “NICE!” I guess it was hilarious.
  • He can identify most letters and at least one shape: See-earl! (Circle) He has trouble with words over two syllables, so when I taught him to say W, I really enunciated it. As a result, he now says DUH! BULL! YOU!

I think every parent thinks their child is genius and I’m no exception. Sometimes when he’s babbling I’ll tell him “You’re the genius voice of a generation!” I hope that’s one phrase he doesn’t take to kindergarten with him. Nothing like a little inflated ego to really start a kid off on the right foot.

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Oct 22 2013

Citrus Lane – October 2013 box

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Our second Citrus Lane box arrived last week. I wanted to give The Boy some time to handle the contents and see how he liked them before I rated the box. For me, the initial impression was “Meh”. However, since he seems to enjoy the two main items, I guess this gets a passing baby grade.

October 2013 box

OK, so The Boy is 20 months old this month. This is the box he got.

Cool It Buddy instant cold packs
Amazon price: $4.99
OK, so it’s a cold pack. Or specifically, it’s a package of two cold packs. Useful and everything, but I’ve had instant cold packs in my medicine cabinet since The Boy started moving around independently. I can’t imagine not having cold packs around with a wonky toddler going full tilt around the house all the time. I tossed these in the medicine cabinet with the rest of them.

Boon Water Bugs Floating Bath Toy with Net
Amazon price: $7.99
Comes with three plastic water bugs that float in the water, and a net to catch them with. The theory is that it helps with hand-eye coordination and motor skills, but The Boy laughs in the face of intended toy use. He floats the net in the water and puts the bugs inside. Or chews on them. He plays with it, though, so it gets a passing grade.

 Green Tones Train Whistle (by Hohner)
Amazon price: $19.84
It’s a nice whistle. It has a good sound. It’s made of sustainable rubberwood, and other non-toxic materials. The Boy enjoys hearing us blow it, but he hasn’t figured out blowing himself, yet. I’m sure when he does, I’ll be sick of this toy in no time flat. It’s nice that it’s also shaped like a train so he could pretend with it as well. Personally, if I saw this toy in a store, there’s no way I would pay $20 for it. It’s also worth noting that two days after we got it, he dropped it on the floor and one of the decorative blocks broke off. The glue holding it to the main body gave way. It was simple to reattach it with wood glue, but it was an eye-roll worthy moment, when the big, sustainable, non-toxic, expensive train whistle broke due to normal toddler handling.

Babybug Magazine (one issue)
Yearly print subscription is $33.95 at, one issue value approximately $2.83
The Boy was underwhelmed by this. He looked at it one time, but every time we’ve picked it up since then, he’s refused it. We also got a coupon for a free digital subscription or reduced priced print subscription to this mag, but I threw it out, so I can’t put down the details. Regardless, we won’t be redeeming it. The Boy isn’t into digital content yet, and he didn’t care for the print, so it would be a waste either way. I will give this “magazine” props for being printed on very heavy paper. It’s like glossy book paper, not thin magazine paper. It is much more durable and will hold up well to a toddler paging through it. The pages will still tear, but shouldn’t rip with normal handling.

This is one of those instances where the monetary value of the box will exceed my subscription price, but the actual value will not. The train whistle I would have rated at most as a $10 toy. My husband told me he wouldn’t have spent $5 on it, but he is notoriously 1980s in his mental pricing. The cold packs are practical, but I think it would be a challenge to find a Citrus Lane subscriber who is parenting a toddler and who doesn’t have cold packs in her arsenal already. Maybe I’m wrong about that.

The total cost of items in this box was $35.65 (not including the free or reduced magazine subscription). My subscription cost was $25.00.

Want to get $10 off of your own Citrus Lane box? Click here!

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Oct 04 2013


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I’ve been using the My Fitness Pal app since May. The Man’s been using it longer, and he’s down 50 or 60 pounds this year. I can’t remember which it is, but I know that he’s in 30″ waist pants, and he says that hasn’t happened since high school. I have traditionally been the person who refused to count calories, wasn’t interested in portion sizing, and didn’t diet mostly because it was too complicated and I didn’t want to learn to cook new (potentially gross) food. Well, MFP basically takes all of my objections and throws them out, because it’s easy. So I didn’t really have a leg left to stand on. I decided to try it and see what happened, and if I hated it, I could just stop.

Well, as of Monday I’m down just over 14 pounds. I went down a pant size, which is a nice change, because for the past few years, I’ve only gone up. I can see the difference in my face, arms, and calves. It’s rather nice. My initial goal is to get down to 160 pounds, and I’m well on my way.

In other health related news, The Boy got his last Hep A booster yesterday, so he’s done with vaccines until age 4. Well, except for his flu shot. He got that one, too, and apparently we have to go back in a month for the second one. That will be a yearly occurrence, unless zombies.

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