Nov 01 2001

Happy All Saints’ Eve

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Happy All Saints to all my ghoulish guys and gals out there in cyberspace! How is everyone doing? How are you celebrating the holiday? The Man and I are just going to stay inside and hand out candy to all the young uns that wander by. . . Trick or Treat only lasts 2 hours here so hopefully we will not be overly mobbed but we probably will be.

DAoC is going very well for all you gamers out there who care about that kind of stuff. Just made level 14 today and feeling GOOD. Soon we’ll be in to the RvR stuff and apparently that’s where the real fun starts.

For all of you who don’t care about gaming, I’m sorry. That’s all I’ve been doing lately. Vicki moved in to a new apartment and I helped her unpack over there a little bit and taught her how to use her dishwasher. I am Vicki’s technological guru. I had to hook up her cable TV and her computer, and instruct her on how to buy a proper cordless phone. She loves me.

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