May 15 2009


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Around this time of year, our yard smells just beautiful, because our four, fat lilac bushes are in full bloom.

This monster, which is between the house and garage, was just a collection of stumps and a thick ring of suckers when we moved in.  I’ve been slowly working on it and shaping it over the past few years.  It bloomed, but this year – the first year I was able to get it into a shape somewhat resembling the vase shape lilacs are supposed to have – it rewarded me with a great big display.

I walk out there a few times a day just to bury my face in those blooms and inhale.  Mmmm.

Lilacs are one of my favorite flowers.  I’m sorry they last for such a short time, but I sure do enjoy them while they’re here.

Plus, that color.  Yikes.  It gets me every single year.

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