May 28 2009

Summer Mayhem

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It seems like we’ve been busy, busy, busy lately, and that’s probably because it’s creeping up on summer, and life gets hectic in summer.  Hey, we only get a few nice months every year.  We have to make the most of them.

It doesn’t help that The Man and I have voluntarily revamped our weekends, or at least revamped our Sundays.  Sunday is now “Go to church then go visit family” day.  We try to get out to Grandma’s and his dad’s at least twice a month.  One Sunday is already taken up with his monthly D&D game, and sometimes the other Sunday gets appropriated too.  But mostly, 3 out of every 4 Sundays we are trekking into the Thumb.  And that’s OK with me.  I prefer to have a day dedicated to family and visiting.

We are also trying to get the septic field tilled and planted with grass.  Well, the tilling and planting is The Man’s part of the job.  I’m responsible for watering.  The mosquitos are so pleased to see me at evening water time!  I have reserved a spot on the field for a little flower garden.  This one will have props!  I’m planning on putting an arbor back there, which will have sweet pea vines climbing it (sweet peas should be in the mail soon).  Also, a small bench.  And the rest will fill in as I see plants that I must have.  I want it to be kind of a wild little patch.

Not much has been going on inside the house.  We are saving up money to do the trim in the dining room, living room, and spare room.  And we’re also eyeing up Retrofoam for the downstairs insulation.  We don’t want to have to tear the walls down if we can help it.  But, that is months or years in the future.

I’ve been getting very antsy to go up north, but since Dr. Mom’s area is still in the heavy part of Tick Season, there is no chance of seeing them before late July or even August.  Stupid ticks.

Dad is up here for a couple of weeks, but he left today to spend the week up north at Grandpa and Grandma’s.  No ticks for him, though…or at least not a big infestation of wood ticks.  I guess they have deer ticks, but not so bad.  Anyway, when he gets back I’m thinking we’ll have to get together with him, J-bird, and her husband for a barbeque or something.  Mmm…barbeque.

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