Nov 02 2001

Death by candy

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I started putting the date in my little topics because when you people respond to my journals the entries get all mixed up! But I’d rather that you talked. Compromise, ya know.

Well, Halloween has come and gone but unfortunately we have candy left over. . . lots of candy left over. So, for the past week I have been sucking down Sprees and Super Bubble bubble gum like it’s going out of style. Yum yum. My teeth hurt.

I have been doing absolutely NOTHING lately except pet sitting for my sister and trying to keep her pets alive. The dog and cat are easy to care for but the ferret is kind of sick. . . she has seizures if her blood sugar gets low or something. . . anyway she has had a seizure every day so far and I’m getting to be a nervous wreck because I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or if she’s just having seizures. So, hopefully she makes it until Friday with me caring for her. . . because otherwise I would feel REALLY bad.

Going to see a movie tonight with The Man but I don’t know which movie we’re going to see. He wants to see “Monsters, Inc.”, which I want to see as well, but I REALLY want to see “K-Pax” because Kevin Spacey is such a good actor and that movie looks sweet. Also want to check out “Riding in Cars With Boys” but I might wait and rent that on video.

I found a new song I like. . . it’s really hard for me to get in to a lot of popular music because it’s SO much rap lately. .. not that I don’t like rap in MODERATION but not all the time. .. ANYways I like Pink’s new song “Get the Party Started” because she sounds really cool when she sings. Also, Enya’s new song is cool too. (Um, I sound like I’m 13).

I think it’s time to go and work off my sugar high. Laters.

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