Feb 26 2010

Busy, like a thing that is busy.

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I’ve been working on restocking my Etsy store.  It needs restocking, because the last time I went up north I took every single thing I had made with me, and put them in Moll’s bakery, and said “Well, sell them if you can.  If not…meh”.  Which is fine, but that leaves me with no stuff to sell myself.  So, I’ve been working, if you can call it that.

Mostly, I’ve been sewing, but yesterday I decided my fabric scrap pile was getting out of control, and I needed to find something to do with all these little PIECES OF FABRIC that are taking up way too much space.  So, now I’m decoupaging pieces of fabric onto light switch covers.  Those will go into the store too, once I can bring myself to stop applying sealer.

So far, I have a grand total of four different things in my store.  The hard part is not giving stuff away to family members, because I like to give people gifts.

And, I’m always looking for ideas for new stuff!  Is there something you think I should be making (to sell, not to give to you)?  Tell me all about it!  I’d love to make money off your genius, like an Evil Overlord of Crafting.

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