Feb 17 2011

Tales from the grocery.

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This happened several years back, but something I read today made me think of it.

Anyhow, a few years ago I was doing the grocery shopping at Meijer in the middle of the day. Around here, most of the people in Meijer on a weekday afternoon are elderly, with the occasional college kid sprinkled in. I needed eggs, so I went to the egg cooler, where several other women were already congregated. I grabbed an egg carton, opened it up to check for breaks, saw a broken egg, and put the carton back. The other women were doing the same thing – I think a stocker must have dropped a pallet or something because there were a lot of broken eggs that day. So, me and a few older women are standing around, all looking at our cartons of eggs, when a kid probably in his early 20s comes over and grabs an egg carton, too. He opens it up and looks at his eggs, looks at the rest of us (who are still examining our own eggs), looks back at his eggs, leans in toward us and quietly asks, “What are we looking for?”

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