Dec 29 2011

Yes, I’m bitching at a charity.

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Dear Episcopal Relief and Development:

Is it terrible that today when I received your e-mail, subject line “The Meaning of Our Faith”, I immediately filled in “…is apparently sending daily spam e-mails and weekly newsletters begging for money”?

Look, I get it. Things are bad in lots of countries right now, and not bad in that American “I can no longer afford my home and must downsize to an apartment” way, but rather the “I have to drink the water from that puddle over there, and it is cholera-laden, but it’s either that or die of dehydration” way. I do understand that. That’s why, every Lent, we send you guys money. It’s not a ton of money, because while we are not as bad off as some Americans right now, we still don’t have a ton of money, but it’s money. And you repay us by putting on the e-mail and letter campaign the entire rest of the year.

I know the need doesn’t diminish just because it’s not Easter time. I know that people in Africa still need goats, or malaria nets, or clean water, or school lunches, or any of the other massively amazing things that you guys help provide. It’s just that…the rest of the year, we kind of need to keep our focus on the problems in our own backyard. There are soup kitchens to be stocked and children to be clothed and old people who need toilet paper. There are homeless people who come to the church four days a week to get one meal. Easter is yours; the rest of the year belongs to them.

Stop sending me guilt trips about “The Meaning of Our Faith”. I’m doing the best I can. My yearly contribution of ducks and bee keeping supplies will be sent as usual around Easter. In the meantime, my money is going to canned food.


(And yes, I did the much more practical thing of unsubscribing from the e-mail mailing list as well.)

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