Nov 04 2004

You can ignore me, my guy lost.

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I guess I should probably say something about the whole election thing. . . not that I really feel like it, or that I’ll have anything new to add to all of the other people who are already spouting their rage and fear around the online journaling world.

I suppose the most telling thing that I can write about how I feel are these two points:  This is the only election that has ever given me nightmares, and this is the only election which has caused me to feel depressed.  It’s not enough to say “I’m not happy” or “I’m disappointed”. I’m depressed.

However, I do giggle every time I read another impassioned plea from a journalist, online blogger, or politician calling for the “healing to begin”.  Give me a break.  I don’t want to come together with anyone.  I don’t want to heal.  I don’t want to stand united behind a leader that I don’t respect. I especially don’t want to turn around and start making nice to a party that doesn’t support my right to get an abortion, doesn’t recognize my roommate as a person who deserves the same civil rights as other people, doesn’t believe in the right of the common person to express themselves peaceably (remember the “free speech zones”?), thinks that the environment is something that can be at best ignored and at worst abused, has absolutely no interest in affordable medical care or lowering prescription drug prices, is making no effort to stop American jobs from being shipped offshore, feels free to glut Social Security, but who DOES believe that a stem cell is more important than a fully formed human being who desperately needs the research to go forward.

I think George Carlin put it best when he said “If you’re pre-born, you’re fine.  If you’re pre-school, you’re fucked!”  From what I’ve seen so far, that pretty much sums up this administration’s philosophy.

So where does that leave me?  As The Man and D– will no doubt point out all too quickly, none of those things really affect me in any way.  I mean, I don’t want an abortion, I have health insurance, no one’s tried to stop my right to free speech lately, I’m not of retirement age, and I’m not gay.  So why should I care?  My life – for all intents and purposes – will continue just as it has continued for the past few years.

And that would be fine with me if I was the world’s most selfish asshole, only concerned with my little one acre plot of the USA.  But in a few years, I hope to have a child.  If my child turns out to be a daughter, and let’s say she gets raped and pregnancy results, I would like her to have the choice to terminate that pregnancy.  I would also like her to be able to drink water from the tap and to go swimming in the lakes and to breathe the air.  If my child turns out to be gay, I would like her to have the right to benefit from her partner’s life insurance, to adopt a child, and to be married in every sense of the word.  I would like her to know that she can get a job, that she doesn’t have to suffer and die from a treatable disease because she can’t afford medicine, that she can travel to Europe and not have to hide the fact that she is American for fear of being verbally or physically harassed.

Other people don’t think my hypothetical future daughter should have some of those rights, and they also don’t think that she has the right to expect those things.  Or maybe they’re just fooling themselves that things will never get “that bad”.  As for me, I’m kind of afraid.  Because now we have an extremist president whose party is also in control of the House and Senate, and who knows that he doesn’t have to worry about keeping his image nice for his re-election attempt.

And maybe Kerry wouldn’t have done a better job. . . I don’t know, and I can’t answer that, and neither can anyone else.  But I do know that this has been the all around NASTIEST campaign in history, and I think it’s really naive for everyone (including Kerry) to turn around and say, “OK, it’s over, now let’s all work together instead of fighting and dividing like we have been doing for the past two years.”  I don’t want to work towards the same things that the president wants to work for; that’s why I voted against him.  I don’t like his extremist, born-again bullshit, I don’t like the fact that America is ready to get behind someone who campaigns on fear and who is intent on pointing out what makes us different from one another rather than what makes us the same.

I don’t really care to have more debates about this; it’s pointless at this point in time.  51% of Americans don’t agree with me, so whatever I say is moot.  Whatever half of the population says now is moot, because we just re-elected a crazy fucker who thinks that God talks to him.  GO AMERICA!

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