Nov 05 2004

No election, yes wedding.

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Let’s get the election rant off the main page, shall we?  I’m tired of looking at it.  Back to normal, I guess.

This weekend is my wedding shower!  I’m not quite sure about how everything is going to go, and I’m a little nervous about being the gracious hostess I know I have to be.  I have a tendency to let myself lapse into semi-snarky at any kind of gathering.  I believe most people call that “immaturity” or perhaps “bratiness”.  I can’t let myself do that on Sunday, because all these people are coming for me and bringing presents with them.  The least I can do is smile nice and behave myself.

The thing that really makes me nervous is that I’m going to have to introduce people to each other, and I don’t know most of The Man’s mother’s sisters by sight.  I know their NAMES, but I can’t put them with faces, especially since they all look like Dr. Mom to begin with.  I’ll probably just have to corner Dr. Mom and level with her: “Look, I TOTALLY cannot tell your sisters apart, so you have to help me out here.”  I’ve only met them a handful of times, and it’s not like we’ve had a lot of face time. . . a couple of Christmases and Lucky and Galleta’s wedding – that’s it.

Maybe I’ll give everyone name tags!
“Hello, my name is JANE DOE and I’m The Man’s aunt”
“Hello, my name is JAS and I’m the bride”
“Hello, my name is MOM and I’m trying to remember everyone’s name”
“Hello, my name is VICKI and I’m glad we’re not at Jacobson’s”

I have to ask, am I not supposed to be checking my wedding registry to see what people have already bought me?  If I’m not supposed to, I’ll try to stop, but I like seeing what people have chosen to buy.  I also don’t like suspense, so online registries are wonderful.

I’m trying to whup my skin and face into shape for the wedding.  I invested in some Aveeno lotion (LOVE IT) and I just ordered a lip exfoliant, lip moisture treatment, and a new lipstick from  Smashbox.  I need to get some more Biore pore strips and I need to do something about the skin around my fingernails – rough and yucky.

I also took my veil out of it’s box this morning and hung it in the bathroom to get the wrinkles steamed out.  I have no idea what I’m going to do for my dress.  I think I’ll probably end up buying a little personal steamer from Target or something and use it on the day of the wedding.  Speaking of the dress, I called the alteration lady yesterday to see if I could pick it up, and she told me she needed more time.  I granted her another week, but it had BETTER be done by then.  If it’s not, I’m going to commence freaking out, and I’ll probably go in there and demand to see my dress and verify that it still looks like the dress I dropped off.

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