Nov 29 2004

The Wedding.

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Well, it’s not a very good picture, but it’s all I can give you right now:

Once we get our 17 disposable cameras back and once the photographer has time to do his thing on the professional shots, I will post some more pictures of the wedding.

I really don’t know what to say about my wedding day. It went by in a total blur, which I hear is normal. Anyway, I’ll try and give the run down:

I woke up at Grandma’s house at about 8:30 AM because I was having a nightmare. The nightmare was basically that we were having the wedding on a cruise ship and the ship personnel wouldn’t let half the wedding party or the DJ on board. Some lady from the ship was basically playing any old music she thought of and other passengers were wandering in and sitting down, hanging out. The guys didn’t have their tuxes so they were wearing khakis and button-down shirts. No one thought anything was a “big deal” except for me, who was freaking out.

Once I showered and did my nails it was time to head to the mall to get my hair done. I drove around the mall parking lot for about 20 minutes and couldn’t find a space. I finally just parked somewhere and hauled ass inside – it was raining fairly hard and I was pissed off. I had no idea how I was going to get back to my car without ruining my hair. Vicki was already in the salon getting her hair done, but I was so upset that I just nodded at her and started dialing the cell phone. My nightmare had freaked me out and I had remembered that the DJ had never actually confirmed that he was going to be there. I called Chris and asked him to call the DJ and confirm. Several minutes later The Man called and said they couldn’t get a hold of the DJ and his number was disconnected. You can imagine how good this made me feel. The stylist could see that I was freaking out, and she told me she had a friend who DJed all the time and could play our wedding. Luckily, it turned out that we didn’t need to call in the reserve troops; the DJ we hired called us and confirmed that yes, he would be there. Somewhere in there, Mom showed up for her appointment, and she sat with me as I was getting my hair done. My stepdad went and got my car and picked me up at the door so I didn’t have to run through the rain. It took me an hour and 20 minutes to have my hair put up; once that was over I headed to the hotel.

View of the hotel from the golf course.

I met Mackers and her man (J.) as Vicki’s man (Scot) was helping me unload my car. Mackers and J. went up to my room with me and watched me chain smoke. Vicki and Scot came up a little later and brought me a stromboli and a litre of Pepsi. Apparently, The Man and his groomsmen showed up a half-hour early so Vicki and Scot let them take over their room so they could get ready. It was still only 4:30. I couldn’t believe how time was flying and dragging.

Nothing much happened between 4:30 and 6:00 except that the rest of my entourage arrived and pretty soon there were girls all over the place, doing their makeup, pinning up their dresses, shaking excess glitter out of their hair – Shawnsie’s stylist apparently mistook the statement “A little glitter would be good” for “How about a TON of glitter?” At around 6:00 my sister came in and told me the photographer wanted me downstairs and how come I wasn’t dressed yet? I hustled into my gown, the girls picked up their flowers, and we all trooped down to be photographed.

After that was over, the girls and I were hustled into a conference room because the guests were starting to arrive. It was cold in the room, but it felt good to me. I’d been sweating ever since 5:00 PM when I had been shut in the bathroom with Vicki and Mackers. The temperature had jumped to about 80 degrees in that one little room, and I had been wearing a fleece. Stylin kept popping in to see if we needed anything – he brought me some water, which probably saved my life. The photographer stopped in to take some “candid” shots, but pretty soon the doors to the ceremony room were closed, we were lining up in the hall, and I heard “Songbird” playing inside – the guys cue to enter and go to the front.

A couple minutes later “Canon in D” began and the girls started walking in. I was standing with my dad, waiting for the cue from the ushers to go. Dad told me he loved me, we got the nod from the ushers, and we started down the aisle. I had a hard time walking without tripping over my dress. Everyone sat down and the ceremony began. If you’re interested in how the ceremony went, you can click here; I recorded it for interested parties. And though I just called our celebrant “Celebrant” throughout, he is actually Zuchiboy’s husband, a friend of ours. He did an EXCELLENT job, and took care of us very well.

After the ceremony and the receiving line, we had MORE PICTURES, but once that was finally over the DJ introduced the wedding party and we could join the revelers at the reception. I have to say, I was stunned to see how many people were actually there, and I was touched that so many people came to be with us on our wedding day.

The reception lasted for five hours, impossible to summarize. I only sat down a couple of times, and I ate no food. I didn’t have the time! Also, The Man and I spent most of the evening apart, talking to different guests and trying to make sure that everyone saw at least one of us. Later, we tried to remember if we had talked to everyone and we couldn’t. We just hope that we got to talk to all of our guests.

Finally, at about 12:30 we said goodbye to the last stragglers. Stylin went into SUPERMODE and took care of everything for us: he got the gifts in the car, collected the disposable cameras that we had put on the table, made sure that we had the marriage license, my bouquet, and a thousand other details that we probably would have forgotten about. In short, he went above and beyond and we were really grateful that he was there. This left us free to cut out, so we went upstairs, changed our clothes, and headed to Shawnsie’s room for the “after party”. So many people crammed into a little room! We drank and talked and had a great deal of fun. We got back to our room at about 3 AM and collapsed.

Both The Man and I agree, the ceremony was surreal. It passed in a blur and it didn’t seem to be happening to us. It was like we were watching ourselves. We concentrated on speaking when we were told to, and speaking loudly enough so everyone could hear. Between times, we tried to keep from laughing because we were cracking each other up. Later, we decided that everyone cried at our wedding except for us. We were too giddy to cry. Lots of people told us that it was one of the most enjoyable weddings they had ever been to; they liked both the ceremony (short and sweet) and the reception (no loud music, and plenty of good food and booze). Trust me, I was beyond happy to hear that everyone was having a good time.

Now the aftermath: we have gifts to put away, thank-yous to write, and I have to legally change my name. But other than that, the wedding is over. It was a long time in the planning, and a short time in the executing! We had a lot of fun, and if you’re reading this, and you were there with us, we really appreciate you coming to support us.

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