Nov 28 2002

Once again, it’s a time of change

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For the web page, that is. I’ve gotten really sick of my web site and it must change. La dee dah. So, I’ve come up with some new images and a new name and a new color scheme (sorry folks, back to basic black background) and hopefully I will be able to get it all implemented over the holiday. I’m simultaneously creating a new journal template, but that is much easier to do.

Got some Christmas shopping done, and since we just got paid I can go again, la! Still need gifties for a lot of people, although I’ve gotten most of the in-laws out of the way, and have ideas for several others. It’s kind of nice being confined to a budget this year, though, because I have a definitive stopping point for each person. And a budget seriously limits your options when it comes to picking out gifts. Left to my own devices, I would probably bankrupt us and we’d have to go live on the street.

My plans last night were thwarted by the untimely outage of our cable modem. I was going to go home and work feverishly on my unsightly web site, but alas! that was not to be. The Man called Charter today and we should be up by the time we get home from work.

Friday we are going to mine for our Christmas decorations in our office closet. I made the mistake of opening the closet door two days ago. . . it’s bad. Let’s just leave it at that. But the decorations must come out and the living room must be rearranged to make way for the tree. This will be our third year with our wobbly tree. . . we swore we were going to replace it after the first year, but so far it has stayed with us. I really want a very narrow tree (supposedly they are called “feather” trees) but every time I think about it we either don’t have the money or it’s Christmastime again and tree prices are jacked up.

I did manage to set up my little porcelein Christmas village. My sister bought it for me last year? two years ago? and I haven’t had a place for it. I predict the cats will descend on my tranquil little village like furry Godzillas before the season is over.

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