Jul 18 2007

Looking for a home.

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I just picked up The Wandering Kitty from our vet – ouch, the vet bill was a bit of a hit, but oh well. She’s in the garage right now, lapping up pureed canned cat food, and running around like a fool. The plan was initially to try and keep her, if Stylin couldn’t take her, but that plan is not feasible, really. My cats are twice her size, twice her weight, have all their claws, and are rough with each other. This cat would have a hard time holding her own, especially since she’ll have a glass jaw for the next 4-6 weeks.

So, I ran a FOUND ad in our local newspaper, and contacted a shelter that fosters out cats to see if we can find her a place that way. If anyone responds to the found ad, I’ll be shocked. Like I said, I’ve been seeing this cat around for a few weeks, her family (if they were ever looking) has probably stopped combing the newspapers by now. I hope this shelter comes through, because I really don’t want to surrender her to animal control.

You’d look cranky, too, if you were half-staved with a broken jaw.

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