Aug 02 2007

There is hope.

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So, last night, Grandma, Mom, J-bird, and I were sitting in McDonald’s, enjoying a totally unhealthy dinner. Right behind us was one of those half-walls that are so popular in McDonald’s. We were just eating, chatting away, when slowly we all realized what was coming from the other side of the partition.

J-bird: So then I -
Unseen small boy: Nuh-na-nah-na-nuh-nuh-NA! Ballroom blitz! Ballroom blitz!
Me: *snerk*
J-bird: Uh. . .
Unseen small boy: It’s a ballroom blitz! Ballroom blitz!
Me: Is he singing. . .?
J-bird: Yes, but not very well.
Me: Yeah, but how cool is it that he even knows that song? Or maybe he just watched Wayne’s World?
Unseen Small Boy: What goes around comes around! I’ll tell you why!
J-bird: Nope, he’s just got cool parents.
Me: Awesome.

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