Jul 17 2008

Bad planning.

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For the past two days I have chosen to do things that didn’t mesh well with the high temperatures and humidity that we’ve been getting here in mid-Michigan.  Yesterday I went to the grocery store.  When I came out, it was 94°F, according to my car.  I’m sure the inside temperature was more like 1265°.  And what did I have lots and lots of?  Frozen food.  No ice cream, luckily.

Yesterday I also tried to use my clothes line for the first time, regardless of the fact that the humidity levels meant the clothes would be dry someone around next Tuesday.  But that ended up not mattering, because not an hour after I got them on the line, thunder started to rumble in the distance and a big ol’ thunderstorm moved in.  My stupid desktop radar lied to me!

Today, it is once again really hot.  However, I chose to try canning for the first time.  I really couldn’t put it off, as I had all this fruit, and I’m going to visit Mackers tomorrow.  So, I canned.  And I have to say, it took a long time for the small amount that I did.  I decided to stick to something very, very simple, since trying a new technique and a new recipe all at once seemed like a Bad Idea.  Hence: syrups.  I ended up with six jars of strawberry syrup and three jars of blueberry syrup.  That’s a lot of syrup for a house that doesn’t eat a lot of pancakes.  But, I’m planning on taking one of each to Dr. Mom and Moll, and I want to give some to my sister.  The Man only cares about the strawberry, so as long as I leave him two jars of that, I’m good.

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