Aug 08 2008

Another reason I hate medicine.

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Here’s a tip for all you people who are going through infertility treatments:

If you’re on a drug that you need to take on specific days every month, but only if you’re once again not pregnant, don’t let your doctor’s office tell you that you can just call in and get your prescription re-upped if it turns out you need to.  Because you will need to call on the day that they are closed, and you can’t get a hold of anyone, and then you won’t have your drugs for the next month, so you are going to miss a month of treatment.  Just get the damn prescription at your monthly treatment.

In the meantime, I am going to try and look at this in a positive light: We will have an extra two hundred and some-odd dollars this month.

As an amusing side note: when I used my “tag suggester” plugin for this post, it thought that I should tag with “Viagra, erectile dysfunction, malaria, acupuncture”.  I’m glad I don’t depend on WordPress to treat my infertility.

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