Sep 19 2008

Sick kitty.

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OK, here’s what’s going on with the cat:

Four or five days ago, Destiny fell off a shelf on which she was laying.  It was about four feet off the ground, and she did not land on her feet.  We checked her over, and she was limping a little bit – favoring her back right leg, but nothing seemed to be broken and she didn’t seem in pain.  She didn’t complain when we touched or moved her leg.  We assumed she had just sprained something.

The next day, she was having trouble walking.  It seemed like her leg was giving out every so often.  She was still able to get around, she just looked a little drunk.  But it kept getting worse – finally, yesterday she could barely get around at all.  She was staggering, falling over, and to make it worse, she vomited up some water that she had just drunk.  I took her in to the vet, and was told that she had a neurological issue.  They kept her overnight to do bloodwork and take X-rays.  They also put her on fluids.

I picked her up today.  The bloodwork is clear, the X-rays show nothing.  The vet tells me that either she had a stroke, or she has feline vestibular disease.  If it’s a stroke, she will probably have some improvement, but may have lasting aftereffects, and she’ll be subject to further strokes in the future..  If it’s FVD, she should recover completely in a few days.  We’re to keep her crated (guess we found a new use for the dog crate we bought) to keep her from falling over and hurting herself.

So, I brought her home, set up the crate with some food and water and a litter box and some bedding, and went to get her (I had shut her in the bathroom to keep her from jumping up onto the furniture).  When I opened the door, she staggered out.  She looked really bad – even though the vet told me she was doing better.  I picked her up to carry her to the crate, and when I put her inside, she just laid there and panted.  Plus, I noticed that she must have lost bladder control because there was urine in her empty water dish.  After a minute she stopped panting and just lay quietly.

She seems to be resting now.  Fate is pretty confused as to why her sister is locked in a cage.  She keeps patting Destiny through the bars, I guess to see what she’s doing, but Destiny is zonked out.

I’m still pretty worried.  The whole panting/peeing thing freaked me out a little bit.  I’m supposed to take her back in on Monday for a follow-up.  I hope she gets a lot better over the weekend.

Update: Called the vet, she said the peeing/panting episode was likely due to how stressed out she is.  As long as her color is good and she doesn’t get worse, nothing to worry about.

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