Nov 04 2008

Election Day Madness.

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I got my civic duty out of the way before 9 AM this morning, leaving me little else to do today except grocery shop and bite my nails as I watch the exit poll results.  My fingers might be down to bloody stubs by the end of the day.  It seems that despite telling myself over and over not to get my hopes up so that I won’t be crushed AGAIN, some hope managed to creep in.  Damn you, Barack Obama and your infestation of hope!  Now I have to stress all day, worrying that my small hope will be for naught, when I could have been a comfortable cynic.

After I got back from the polls, I tried to take a picture of myself wearing my “I Voted!” sticker, so you could all have photographic evidence.  Unfortunately, I was unable to take a picture that didn’t represent me as a triple-chinned albino doofus, so I decided to take pictures of my drunken cat instead.  But once again it was proven that taking pictures of this cat is NIGH IMPOSSIBLE.

First of all, if you sit on the floor, she is instantly all up ons.  I tried to back up, to put her back a few feet, and to wait it out, but once a cat sticks her head to the camera lens and starts to “mark” it, it’s pretty much all over.  Then I thought, “Well, she wants attention.  I’ll pet her for awhile.”  Bad idea.  Because Destiny is like an addict for petting.  She has phases:

Phase 1:  Enjoy the petting.  Purr, prance around, mew happily.

Phase 2:  Get aggressive.  Normal attention is no longer enough.  Head butt!  Head butt!  Grind the side of your face into human’s hand.

Phase 3:  Sloppy drunk.  Drool a lot.  Roll around on the floor.  Slur.

As you can see, it can get ugly pretty fast.

And in case you were wondering what happened to Fate, the non-drunken cat, she is currently hiding under the couch.  She’s probably worried about the exit polls.

(P.S. November 1 was the one year anniversary of me and The Man quitting smoking.  One year!  Crikie!)

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