Dec 14 2008

In the car.

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Mackers:  You know what I got you at Subway?

Princess Precocious:  No, what?

Mackers:  Guess.

P.P.:  Meatball and marinara.

Mackers:  No.  Guess.

Me:  Bzzt!  Try again!

P.P.:  Um. . . I don’t know.

Mackers:  I got you a Spicy BMT with only oil.

P.P:  Really?

Mackers:  No.  Not really.  Guess.

P.P:  How long are we going to do this?

Mackers:  How long you got?  There’s a lot of items on the Subway menu.  Guess.

P.P.:  What did you get me?

Mackers:  I got you a meat. . . salad.

P.P.:  A meat salad?!

Me:  You know what’s on it?

Me and Mackers:  Meat.

P.P.:  You guys are dorks.

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