Dec 28 2008

No power, angry cats.

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We lost power at around 6 AM. We sat around the house all day, reading books and wearing out the batteries on all of our electronics. We were supposed to be going up north today, but with no showers, and no idea when the power would be back, we decided to wait for a day. At 5 PM, we finally got through to Consumer’s, only to hear that by their best estimate, power would be back on by noon. . . on Tuesday.

We’re in a hotel right now. There was no way I was going to sit around a dark house for three days, getting stinkier and staring at the walls. On our way into town, we saw about eight trucks working on the lines near our house, which we believe is the source of the problem. We’re hoping the Tuesday estimate was a gross exaggeration and that power will be back by tomorrow, but if not, we’re staying here for another day.

The cats are really, really unhappy. They are prowling around the room, tense. But at least I can keep my eye on them. This is like a little adventure. An annoying little adventure, but an adventure nonetheless.

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