Apr 27 2007

Frequently Asked

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What’s up with the title “The Jas Says…”?
Didn’t you ever have a See-N-Say as a kid? You know, “the cow says”, “the rooster says”, etc. Moo!

Then, where did you get the nickname “Jas”?
Back in the long, long ago, when I first got on the Internet, everyone was paranoid about giving out their real name in case psychotic puppy kickers showed up to steal all your money. So, I took a name from a story I was writing and used it as my handle. It was originally Ja’Sina, then Jasina, now mostly just Jas. I’m not really paranoid about people knowing my real name now, but it’s habit to use the handle.

Why do some of the entries have real titles and some don’t?
The ones that don’t somehow got missed when I went back through and gave everything a real title.

Why is there a big gap in the archives?
I used to host my journal at Diary-X, which went kablooey in February 2006.  The gap from May 2005 up to February 2006 represents the entries I did not back up.

Why can’t I add a comment to [random post]?
If the post is over a year old, comments are closed.  Up until January 2009, comments were open on almost every post, but after several people commented on posts from 2004, I realized that there is a time and a place for comments, and it’s not five years after the post was written.  I’m glad people are still finding those posts and reading them, but for the most part, I’ve moved on.

What can you tell me about your theme?
I don’t know PHP, so I’m helpless when it comes to creating my own themes for WordPress.  I’m using the Aapna theme by Saumendra.  The rotating images in the header (the photographs, not the cute birdy graphic) were taken by me.

Is there an RSS feed?
Yes. There should be a couple links for the RSS feed on every page.

Is there a notify list?
No. Sign up for the site feed instead. Get yourself a good feed reader and go to town.

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