May 14 2007


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These are the people in your neighborhood. In your neighborhood. In your neigh-BOR-HOOD!

The folks who make a regular appearance on my blog are listed below. There are others who are mentioned in the blog but are not listed here. But I reckon that you can figure some things out yourself.

The Man: That’s my husband. He’s pretty cute. We were married on November 27, 2004. We’ve been a couple since April or May 2000. Most people think he is stand-offish or hard to get to know, but that’s because he doesn’t like making small talk. He’s actually very nice.

The Boy: Our son, who was born in 2012.

Chris: Chris was our roommate. He’s like Jack Tripper, only he’s not pretending to be gay. He really is. And he doesn’t hang out at the Regal Beagle. And he’s not much like Jack Tripper, who was kind of an idiot, now that I think about it. Anyway, he lived with us from 2004 – 2011, when we got pregnant and needed the room for the baby. He lives in the next town over now and still comes over every week for gaming.

Fate and Destiny: The cats who live in our house and are very cute. Destiny passed away in 2012 from what was probably congestive heart failure.

J-bird: My sister. We don’t look very much alike, but we have the papers to prove we’re related. Besides, we’re alike where it counts: in our twisted little minds.

Mackers: My best friend, who lives about 70 miles away in her hometown. I lived there for two years in high school and moved back here after graduation.

Vicki: My other best friend, who lives about 20 miles away in our hometown. She comments as Julio.

SpecialOp B: My oldest friend. We grew up together. She now lives a short distance from me, and we do fun things together when she can wrangle some time away from her children.

Miss B: A friend who I met at work, and who now lives in Colorado.

The Prodigal: A high school friend who now lives in Colorado.

Lucky and Galleta: The Man’s youngest brother and his wife.

D– and C–: The Man’s best friend and his wife.

Hierophant: D–’s brother. Called Hierophant because he was supposed to officiate at our wedding, but events conspired against us all.

The Gaming Group: Various men who have not yet made enough appearances in the blog to get their own nicknames. They show up every Tuesday night and make a loud racket in the garage. Most of them also show up for our bonfires, or to help with big projects around the house.

Michael: A friend who I met at work.

Stylin: My old boss. He’s a friend to both me and The Man.

The Miller Boys: Three brothers who are childhood friends. The Youngest is a member of the gaming group, the Middle lives in Texas with his wife, and The Eldest (who comments as Daniel-san) lives in Arizona.

Mom, Dad, and other family members: Shall I draw you a map?

Dr. Mom and Moll: The Man’s mother and her partner. They used to live in the Upper Peninsula, but moved to Tennessee in 2013, so we don’t see them as much as we’d like.

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