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Mar 12 2008

Not one of us.

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First of all, I still don’t know what I’m allergic to. My doctor said there’s no point in doing tests right now, since the reaction hasn’t reoccurred. He said if I have another reaction then we can probably go ahead with the tests, but so far it looks like it was just a freak thing, and he didn’t want me spending $500 – $1000 on tests that might not even tell us anything. I’m okay with that.

I decided to stop at the small grocery store in this town while I was there. I used to work at this store – it’s the place I referred to in early posts as “the concentration camp”. I haven’t been in there since The Man and I moved to our current house, but since it was right there and I only needed a few things, I went in. As soon as I walked in the door, I started regretting my decision. Just the smell of the place was enough to bring back bad memories and I started to feel very tense. I wanted to get in and out as quickly as possible, but I’d forgotten how totally asinine the layout of this place is. I had to double back several times because I couldn’t find things. I never did find where they hide the spices. I also saw a cart with a baby in it just abandoned in an aisle. There were no adults around. I stood nearby until the stupid father came back from THREE AISLES OVER. By then I was more than ready to leave.

When I got to the checkout I remembered that this store has one of those member card programs. I do not like these programs, not because I care so much that someone is tracking my buying habits, but because if I do not want to sign up for them I have to endure some major pressure from the employee. This time was no exception. As soon as I got up to the register I was asked to produce my member card. I replied pleasantly that I didn’t have one. Without even asking, the cashier produced the application and a pen and put it down in front of me. I told her, still politely, that I didn’t want to sign up because I didn’t live nearby. She stopped scanning my purchases and picked up the card, I thought to put it away, but really it was so that she could put it in my face and point to all the other stores that the card was good for. By this time, I was annoyed, but I didn’t want to lose my temper. Then I remembered this town’s prejudice for large corporations and/or anything that hasn’t been accepted in their own community and said:

“I’m only in town for a doctor appointment, and besides, I don’t need that, because I usually shop at Meijer.”

Judging from the look on this lady’s face, I might as well have said “I play my records backwards and keep Satan in my pocketbook.” She put the application away, scanned the rest of my groceries in silence, and sent me on my way. On the way out I encountered another local who actually sneered at me when I smiled and said hello to her.

I need to remember how much I loathe dealing with the locals in this town before I make a decision to shop there again.

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Mar 12 2008

Don’t anger my kinfolk.

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There’s a headline on CNN right now that reads “TV reporter punched, dragged by angry kin”. If you guessed that this incident occurred in the South, you are absolutely right. What was it that tipped you off? Perhaps it was the usage of the word “kin”, a word almost exclusively associated with The Beverly Hillbillies or the Hatfield-McCoy feud?

In other news, I’m going to the doctor today for a check-up regarding my allergy(s). Feel free to speculate as to the source of my misery. The most likely candidate is some kind of perfume, but it’s still anyone’s game.

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Feb 24 2008

Venturing out.

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Today I went out all by myself, armed with my new epi-pen in my purse. I picked my epi-pens up last night and was alarmed at how large they were. More like an epi-magic marker than a pen. They also came with a training pen, so I could get used to stabbing myself in the leg with a big f-in’ magic marker. Anyway, they’re big, and now one lives in my purse. To celebrate, I went out and bought some new pots.

The Man and I have had the same (cheap) cookware since we started living together. We bought cheap, because when we first got together we were poor. We just needed something to make ramen in. Now that we’ve graduated to many different meals containing actual meat, I decided it was time to retire Our First Cookware. It was warped on the bottom, the non-stick coating was kind of flaking off, and the wooden handles had seen better days. I took myself off to TJ Maxx to look at the deals to be had – I’m not going to pay $50 for a damn pot if I don’t have to. I picked up two new skillets, a sauce pot, and a stock pot, all in stainless steel and all with glass lids. They are all, also, from Wolfgang Puck’s line of equipment, but I confess that this mattered much less to me than the sticker that read “dishwasher safe”. I hope that sticker isn’t lying, because I really don’t want to be hand washing a bunch of pots.

On the mystery allergy front, The Man and I went out this weekend and bought new laundry detergent, fabric softener, and soap. Everything is fragrance and dye free, because I am still having small, itchy episodes and I don’t know why. It’s time to start replacing things and seeing if that helps. I didn’t realize until we replaced all this stuff how much scent=clean to me. It’s very disconcerting to pull out a load of laundry and not smell anything. Or, for that matter, it’s pretty disconcerting to get out of the shower and not smell like soap. I washed my sheets last night and they were absolutely smell-less. I guess that’s good in one sense – at least they didn’t smell like BO or something. I just always liked getting into a bed with clean sheets because it smelled so good. Now there is no smell, just sheets. It’s kind of sad. In a small, stupid kind of way.

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Feb 20 2008

Hopefully done for awhile.

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OK, I hope this will be the last I have to say about my strange, sudden allergic reaction for awhile. I went to a new doctor today, who is probably going to be my “primary care doctor” from now on. He was recommended by the guys in the ER, because I do not have a primary care doctor, because I am freaking lazy, I guess. I haven’t had a family doctor since. . . well, ever, I guess. I mean, my mom used to take me to the local guy to get my immunizations, but I never, ever went in for yearly check-ups. I guess once you get to be around 30, you’re supposed to have a family doctor, or your insurance carrier and all your specialists (not to mention any ER doctors you might run across) think you’re kind of wacko.

New Doctor gave me a FREE three-week supply of antihistamines (I’m all about free drugs), and a prescription for epi-pens. Yes, I now have to carry a self-injector around with me, just in case I run across something that makes my lips and tongue swell up to unbelievably painful proportions again. He made sure to tell me that the epi-pen would only buy me 20 minutes, so I had better be getting to the hospital pronto if I actually have to use it. I’m thinking if I have to inject myself, no one is going to have to tell me to get to the hospital. I will be screaming and crying the whole way there, because I am a big sissy when it comes to needles.

In three weeks I get to go back for an appointment, and at that point we will do some allergy tests. If I’m still having to be on antihistamines, we’ll do a blood test. If I’ve weaned myself off of antihistamines with no ill effects, we’ll do skin tests.

So, that’s the news. New drugs, epi-pens, and hopefully a hive-free three weeks until some tests are run. I hope I can just get on with things, now. Things like playing on my newly repaired computer.

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Feb 18 2008

No more, please.

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I had to go running back into the arms of the medical community this morning. Not only did the bottom of my feet send out terrible bolts of pain when I walked, but my lips and tongue were so swollen that it was painful to swallow, chew, or talk. Plus, all the nasty hives on my legs that had gone away after the hospital visit were back in full force. Not to mention the new and exciting patches on my forearms and torso.

So, The Man took me to the urgent care center where I received a painful steroid shot, a prescription for a stronger antihistamine, and an extension on my prednisone prescription. My lips and tongue are back to normal, and I can walk without pain for the most part now. I’m a little ashamed to admit that I broke down and cried in the doctor’s office – I’m just so tired of this, and the whole “can’t walk, can’t talk, can’t swallow” thing was what pushed me over the edge. It’s been going on for four days now and I’m ready for it to at least start getting better. I’m waiting to see what tomorrow brings. I have an appointment on Wednesday with a “family doctor” that the ER guys recommended to me, since I don’t have a primary care physician. I’m sure if things aren’t on the mend by then I’ll get referred to an allergist to see what is causing this. As I write this, my hands are itching terribly, so I’m sure I’ll have nice new patches by the time I go to bed. *sigh*

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