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Nov 13 2010

Broken Promises.

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We were in Bronner’s, looking at Nativity sets. I found a set of figures that I wanted, that were reasonably priced, but all of the stables seemed to be more expensive than I thought they should be. I was hemming and hawing, trying to decide if I wanted to spend the money.

The Man: You know, if you take a picture of one of these, we could probably build it.

Me: Really?

The Man: Yeah, it doesn’t look too hard. A piece of particle board for the base, another piece for the backdrop…

Me: You’d have to draw it out, you know.

The Man: That’s what the picture’s for!

Me: You’d still have to draw it on the wood before you cut it out!

The Man: (thoughtfully) Dad could probably do it for you easily…maybe you’d even get it faster than I got my thing, which hasn’t shown up yet.

Me: What’s your Dad supposed to be building for you?

The Man: A house for my Batman.

We decided just to buy one.

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Dec 22 2008

I just don’t know what to write.

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I feel like I need to be writing, but there isn’t anything I can think of to center one post around.  It feels like we’ve been running around for the past few weeks, and not accomplishing much.  This past Sunday was a good example of our running around:  We left the house at 9:50 AM and didn’t come back until 7:00 PM.  We only went three places, but we picked the WORST day of the year for high adventure: blowing snow meant whiteouts, or at the very least, low visibility.  The new truck earned its keep.

Oh, we got a new truck, too.  That’s because The Man finally broke his car to the extent that he decided it would be much less bother just to get a new vehicle.  Thus: the truck.  It’s nice to have a vehicle with four wheel drive and something that can haul more than one board at a time.

We’ll be going up north to Dr. Mom and Moll’s at the end of the month.  And then, later in January, we’ll be going to Nashville.  The Man is going for work, and I’m going along for fun.  I have no clue what there is to do in Nashville other than the Grand Ole Opry.  I guess I’ll have to look in to that.

I have to make three Christmas treats yet:  one batch of fudge for Christmas Eve, one pound cake, and one batch of Jezebel sauce to take up north.  I’m wary of the fudge.  I’ve never made candy before.

Speaking of Christmas Eve, that is the official start date of what The Man calls “Christmas Madness”.  We have to be three places that day: The Man’s stepdad’s during the day, my grandma’s in the evening, and church at 10:30 PM for what they’re calling ‘Festive Choral Eucharist’.  We were told FIVE TIMES on Sunday that if we didn’t get there by 10:30 PM, then the Lutherans would snatch all the parking spots (‘our’ church shares a parking lot with the Lutheran church across the street. I say ‘our’ church because we’ve only been there twice).  Then Christmas Day we go to Grandma’s in the day and The Man’s parents’ at night.  Then on the 27th we go to my parents’.  Then on the 28th we head up north, where presumably we will not have to do any more running around, but rather stay at Dr. Mom and Moll’s and relax.  Or, work our butts off, depending on how many trees they want us to cut up.

I’m trying to use the time before the 24th to get the house into a semblance of order.  I cleaned the kitchen today.  Tomorrow is the living room and the bathroom.  And I have to do a heapin’ helpin’ of laundry as well.  I really don’t know where most of my clothes have gotten to, but I suspect some of them might be in that huge pile of laundry on the chair in our bedroom.

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Dec 06 2008

O Christmas Tree

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Behold, Christmas Tree 2008.

I was also going to include the picture that we took for our Christmas cards, but since we haven’t sent them out yet, I thought I’d hold off.  I think the people who receive the cards deserve the first viewing of The Man’s “Just take the damn picture, already” smile, and my “I’m kneeling very uncomfortably” grimace of holiday cheer.

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Dec 04 2008

Home stretch

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My Christmas gifts are 75% bought, although some of them are in that eerie state known as “shipped, but not yet arrived”, or even worse “not yet shipped”.  I don’t like that.  I had a problem last year with things being late and I don’t want a repeat.

The gifts that have arrived have been wrapped and placed under our tree, except for the ones that are still waiting on additional parts to be complete.  We got Luke’s dad a three-part gift and so far only one part has shown up.  What’s even worse is that I just realized (literally, while I was typing the previous sentence) I haven’t even gotten a confirmation e-mail for his stepmom’s present!  Um, eek?  Guess I better check on that.

My Christmas cards are all addressed, except for one, which is waiting on a name/address confirmation.  I need to get stamps and send them out.  We decided to send picture cards this year, and neither one of us is totally happy with the picture we ended up using, although at least we were both looking at the camera, smiling, and not cross-eyed or in the middle of talking.

This is all to say that I feel kind of on the ball this year, in regards to Christmas, at least.

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Nov 26 2008

zomg housework

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Well, I got all the reports done for the month of November and sent in my invoice, so now I have a small break in which to get the house ready for Christmas.  Usually, that would consist of getting the tree out and decorating it, but since we’ve moved the computers into the dining room, this year I’ll need to do some extra wrangling.  The corner where the tree usually lives is occupied by The Man’s computer.  So, what I need to do is:

  • Clean out the downstairs closet so there is actually room in there.
  • Get rid of the coat rack in the dining room, which has three holders broken off of it anyway.
  • Move all coats into the closet.
  • Put my computer desk over by the door where the coat rack used to be (I predict a rather chilly month for me)
  • Get the tree out and put it up where my computer used to live.
  • Profit!

Ok, maybe not profit, but at least we’ll have a place for the tree.

Some of this stuff (like cleaning out the closet) is on the agenda for today, but I already put myself behind by sleeping in until the shameful hour of 10 AM, when I had planned on being up by 8:30.  I also need to go to the grocery store today, possibly the worst day in the world to go, because I need to pick up a veggie tray and chips for Thansgiving snacks.

Before I go back to work sometime in December, I need to put up the tree, put up the rest of the Christmas decorations, put up the exterior lights, and start my Christmas shopping.  Did I say I had a break?  That doesn’t sound like a break to me.

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