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Jun 16 2009


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Have you seen the match.com commercial, that has the suave-looking guy talking about what food he likes?  The one where he says, “I guess I’m an all-American boy when it comes to food.  I like cheeseburgers“.  My question is, why the emphasis on the word “cheeseburgers”?  It’s like someone off camera said, “You like sneezeburgersbeesburgers? I don’t get it”.  “No, cheeseburgers, fool!  CHEESEBURGERS!”

I just think it’s weird.

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May 02 2009

I say.

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The acronym for the World Health Organization has been adding a little amusement into my morning lately.

I have a gadget on my iGoogle page which pulls the top headlines from CNN.  For the last few days, the three top headlines have been about swine flu, and the World Health Organization usually figures in to at least one of them.  And since you are generally pressed for space in a headline, the World Health Organization gets abbreviated to WHO.  This makes is much more fun to read the headlines, if you decide that CNN is being cocky and antagonistic.  Instead of “Number of H1N1 cases jumps to 615, World Health Organization says”.  You can read it as:

“Number of N1N1 cases jumps to 615.”

Some of the bullet points also come off as quite paranoid if read in the proper tone:
“WHO is reporting 615 cases of h1n1 virus in 15 countries”.  That’s right, CNN, just WHO IS REPORTING THIS?!

Or in an article from Time, “Still, the WHO has urged all governments to prepare for an imminent pandemic.”  Stay out of government affairs, Pete Townshend!

I get the same funny out of hearing headlines about the World Wildlife Fund, because in my childhood, WWF meant Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant.  So, when a commercial tells me that the WWF is working hard to preserve the Amazon, or to protect a certain species of animal…well, let’s just say the mental picture that conjures is probably not what the makers of the commercial intended.

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Sep 14 2008

For real?

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Am I insane, or is this a backwards robe?  Can you really sell someone a backwards robe and pretend like it’s a new, revolutionary product?  Well then, I have a backwards flannel shirt to sell you.  Oh, I’m sorry. . . I mean I have the awesome new MINI-SNUGGIE!  By popular demand, the mini-Snuggie, for people who only have a cold torso.

I have to say, the commercial (which you can see at the above link), gets pretty unsettling, because everyone is sporting a crimson Snuggie.  It looks like a commercial full of the Emporer’s Royal Guards, who happen to not be wearing their helmets.  Like it’s Imperial Casual Day.

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Mar 18 2008

He shoots his lobster from the three-point line. . . score!

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I’m watching TV and this Red Lobster commercial comes on. I guess it’s Lobsterfest, which makes me sad, because I rarely get to eat lobster. Anyway, I’m watching this commercial, and they do one of those slow-motion, dip the lobster in the butter shots. Only, the butter GEYSERS up over the top of the butter bowl, which would only happen if the person had SLAMMED the fork containing the bite of lobster down into the ramekin. Who does that? No one. Only commercial people do that. I don’t know what it’s supposed to convey, or make you feel. Gushing butter just makes me wince, because I know there will be grease spots over any cloth item it touches. If I was out to dinner with someone who was so excited about lobster that they slam dunked their bite into their melted butter, I might have to take a vow never to eat with that person again. Right after I cleaned up all the collateral butter damage with a moist towelette.

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Feb 08 2008

No, I didn’t realize.

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Do you realize which commercial currently bugs the hell out of me? That Land Rover commercial with the Flaming Lips “Do You Realize?” in it. It took me awhile to figure out what it was that bothered me, because that song has kind of become synonymous with “commercial” for me – it’s background noise. But then I listened to the commercial and realized (hah) that what they were basically saying is that no one gets how truly awesome Land Rover is. Like they convinced themselves that the reason that everyone is not driving a Land Rover is because THEY DIDN’T REALIZE that the Queen uses Land Rovers and that the Louvre thinks they’re awesome supercool. This is the reason that Land Rovers aren’t flying out of the lot! The ignorance of the populace! It couldn’t possibly be the prohibitive pricing (starting at $78,450 for the Range Rover) or the shitastic fuel economy (18 hwy/14 city for the 2007 Range Rover, according to Motor Trend – you can’t find this info on Land Rover’s site). I’m sure Land Rover makes a good car for someone who needs a Land Rover to go off road into the wild jungles or up a mountain or what have you, but most of us are driving on paved roads where there is very little chance that you’ll need to power over a rocky incline or through an untamed wilderness. Most of us don’t need a Land Rover. But they don’t realize that, choosing instead to speak to us as if we are morons who can barely comprehend the majesty that is a Land Rover vehicle, so they have to spoon feed us the glory with a catchy tune and irrelevant (but important sounding) facts.

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