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Jun 10 2008

Babies, babies, babies.

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Mackers is going into the hospital tonight to have her baby, which means as soon as I’m done writing I have to get in the shower, finish packing, and get on the road.  I’m going to stay with my parents, for all the time I’m not in the hospital with her.  And, on a side note, her doctor scheduled her to check in at 9:30 PM.  Who schedules baby-having at night?  I was under the impression that most of the scheduled procedures happened early to mid-day, but Mackers is apparently being treated by Lestat, who shuns the light.

Speaking of babies, The Man and I had another doctor’s appointment yesterday, where we discussed all the wonderful options left to us, since all of our tests so far have revealed precisely nothing.  Unfortunately, all of our decisions come down to money, because our insurance company has so far not ponied up one red cent for all this treatment and testing.  A round of IVF costs $12000, the laparoscopy he wants me to have runs $10000.  Our doctor believes I may have endometriosis, even though my only symptom is infertility.  This is what the laparoscopy is supposed to help with – needless to say I am not jazzed on the idea of having a procedure for a condition that I may not even have.

Our other option, the one we’re going with for now, runs about $200 per month, and our insurance might even pick up part of the tab for the drugs.  The drug I’m going to be on – Clomid – has the side effect of turning me into a raging bitch.  Or so our doctor says.  As I told The Man. . . “Finally, I’ll have an excuse.”

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Mar 12 2008

Don’t anger my kinfolk.

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There’s a headline on CNN right now that reads “TV reporter punched, dragged by angry kin”. If you guessed that this incident occurred in the South, you are absolutely right. What was it that tipped you off? Perhaps it was the usage of the word “kin”, a word almost exclusively associated with The Beverly Hillbillies or the Hatfield-McCoy feud?

In other news, I’m going to the doctor today for a check-up regarding my allergy(s). Feel free to speculate as to the source of my misery. The most likely candidate is some kind of perfume, but it’s still anyone’s game.

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Feb 27 2008

Medical stuff.

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Today I got to go to the hospital and have a hysterosalpingogram. If you can pronounce that word, you’re better than I am. Go have a cake to celebrate. I can’t pronounce it. When I got to the Radiology department at the hospital, the nurse asked me what I was there for and I said “I’m meeting Dr. F here. I’m getting a. . . ” and then I gave her a dumb look and pointed at the word on a paper my doctor had sent me to explain the procedure. And she said “Oh, a hysterosalpingogram.” Just like she was saying “Oh, an X-ray”, and I was someone who might be too stupid to have children.

Actually, she was very nice. VERY nice. Which is very important when you are going into the hospital to have a test that your doctor, your nurse practitioner, and the letter you received to explain the procedure all told you that this was a VERY PAINFUL procedure and you might want to consider clearing your schedule for the rest of the day to recover from this VERY PAINFUL procedure. And your husband is welcome to be with you during this procedure, presumably to help you through the trauma of ALL THAT PAIN.

Can you guess that I was a little scared about going to the hospital this morning?

The test itself was basically an X-ray. If you want to know more, just follow that link up there and I’m sure you’ll find out everything there is to know. It was over very quickly, although I got to hang out for a few minutes to make sure I didn’t have an allergic reaction to the contrast dye they used. Normally, I wouldn’t have thought twice about that, but as we all know, sudden allergic reactions aren’t exactly an unknown occurrence around here lately. There was absolutely nothing I would qualify as pain going on. The most I could give it was a “slightly uncomfortable” on my pain index. This both relieved me (no pain is good!) and pissed me off (I’ve been worrying about nothing for days!). I spent the whole time watching The Man’s face and thinking “Wow, he looks worried.” I guess I was probably freaking him out a little bit because I was bracing myself for pain that never came. My “bracing” face looks a lot like “HOLY SHIT”.

The test itself showed that there were no physical reasons that I’m not getting pregnant. I have no blockages or abnormal growths, or strange alien implants. This is both good (no surgery!) and bad (we still have no idea what’s wrong!). Several people, including today’s very nice nurse and The Man’s boss, have told me that many women get pregnant soon after having this test done, because it clears things out. Like a Roto-rooter, I guess.

At any rate, that’s where we are now. He’s fine, I’m fine, we’re both fine. We just aren’t getting pregnant. We’re waiting to hear what the next steps might be.

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Feb 20 2008

Hopefully done for awhile.

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OK, I hope this will be the last I have to say about my strange, sudden allergic reaction for awhile. I went to a new doctor today, who is probably going to be my “primary care doctor” from now on. He was recommended by the guys in the ER, because I do not have a primary care doctor, because I am freaking lazy, I guess. I haven’t had a family doctor since. . . well, ever, I guess. I mean, my mom used to take me to the local guy to get my immunizations, but I never, ever went in for yearly check-ups. I guess once you get to be around 30, you’re supposed to have a family doctor, or your insurance carrier and all your specialists (not to mention any ER doctors you might run across) think you’re kind of wacko.

New Doctor gave me a FREE three-week supply of antihistamines (I’m all about free drugs), and a prescription for epi-pens. Yes, I now have to carry a self-injector around with me, just in case I run across something that makes my lips and tongue swell up to unbelievably painful proportions again. He made sure to tell me that the epi-pen would only buy me 20 minutes, so I had better be getting to the hospital pronto if I actually have to use it. I’m thinking if I have to inject myself, no one is going to have to tell me to get to the hospital. I will be screaming and crying the whole way there, because I am a big sissy when it comes to needles.

In three weeks I get to go back for an appointment, and at that point we will do some allergy tests. If I’m still having to be on antihistamines, we’ll do a blood test. If I’ve weaned myself off of antihistamines with no ill effects, we’ll do skin tests.

So, that’s the news. New drugs, epi-pens, and hopefully a hive-free three weeks until some tests are run. I hope I can just get on with things, now. Things like playing on my newly repaired computer.

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Feb 18 2008

No more, please.

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I had to go running back into the arms of the medical community this morning. Not only did the bottom of my feet send out terrible bolts of pain when I walked, but my lips and tongue were so swollen that it was painful to swallow, chew, or talk. Plus, all the nasty hives on my legs that had gone away after the hospital visit were back in full force. Not to mention the new and exciting patches on my forearms and torso.

So, The Man took me to the urgent care center where I received a painful steroid shot, a prescription for a stronger antihistamine, and an extension on my prednisone prescription. My lips and tongue are back to normal, and I can walk without pain for the most part now. I’m a little ashamed to admit that I broke down and cried in the doctor’s office – I’m just so tired of this, and the whole “can’t walk, can’t talk, can’t swallow” thing was what pushed me over the edge. It’s been going on for four days now and I’m ready for it to at least start getting better. I’m waiting to see what tomorrow brings. I have an appointment on Wednesday with a “family doctor” that the ER guys recommended to me, since I don’t have a primary care physician. I’m sure if things aren’t on the mend by then I’ll get referred to an allergist to see what is causing this. As I write this, my hands are itching terribly, so I’m sure I’ll have nice new patches by the time I go to bed. *sigh*

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