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Oct 31 2007

Cooking and stuff.

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Today I’m trying my hand at making baked beans from scratch, as opposed to opening a can and heating the contents until warm. Did you know that it takes roughly a year and a half to make baked beans? It does! I’ll be cooking beans until 6:30 PM, if all goes well. If all doesn’t go well, I guess dinner will be even later than usual. The recipe I used says to cook the beans in a Dutch oven, which I was fairly sure I didn’t have. I don’t know why, but I always thought a Dutch oven was some huge complicated pressure-cooker/double-boiler type of thing with a gauge and a steam valve. You know what it is? A cast iron pot. With a lid on it. Wow. I’ve got several of those, but I always called them “iron pots”. Thanks to the magic of Google and Wikipedia I now know they are in fact “Dutch ovens”.

If you like visual aids, here is a very VERY poorly drawn rendition of the previous paragraph:

Dutch Ovens

I’m also going to make fried chicken tonight, with a recipe I got off of Good Eats. Apparently I’m supposed to fry the chicken in melted shortening instead of vegetable oil, and I’m not supposed to let the shortening get over 350°F. That’s fine and all, except I have an electric range, so it’s kind of hard to control the heat as precisely as you can with a gas burner. I miss my gas stove. A lot. My electric stove freaks me out a little bit because everything stays hot for so long.

Oh yeah, I guess it’s Halloween, huh? Living in the country as we do, we don’t have to think about Halloween because we get NO trick-or-treaters. I still had to buy candy though, for The Man to take into work. Apparently everyone is bringing their kids into work today so they can trick-or-treat around the cubicles. Does that sound annoying to anyone else? It sure does to me!

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