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Jan 30 2014


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I bought The Boy this set of DVDs from zulily called “Preschool Prep“. Apparently there’s a whole big series, but the ones we got were:

  • Meet the Colors
  • Meet the Shapes
  • Meet the Letters
  • Meet the Numbers
  • Meet the Sight Words (vol. 1, 2, and 3 on three DVDs)

We started with “Meet the Colors” because he already can recognize most letters and 0-9 numerals, is strong on perhaps four shapes, but has never offered a comment on any color, ever. Sometimes, if I said “Where’s the blue?” he would point to a blue thing, but that was hit and miss, and he NEVER named a color. Well, let’s just say it’s a hit. Upon first viewing, he wasn’t real sure about the whole thing. The Man’s opinion was that he was freaked out. I wasn’t so sure. He seemed pretty interested.

We’ve only been showing this video for about four days, and he identifies colors now. He demands this video multiple times a day by running to me and saying “Tolors? TOLORS?!” The Man was a little worried about the obsession, but I showed him some article that said young children crave repetition because that’s how they master skills.

I tried to switch him out to “Meet the Shapes” today, and while he interacted with it slightly, he was upset that it wasn’t “tolors”. So, for now, I’m going to let him obsess over getting his colors down pat and we’ll move on when he’s bored of it. Before this, his TV obsession was an episode of Bubble Guppies that dealt with fairy tales. That one was referred to as “Witch? Witch? WITCH!”

As you have no doubt surmised, I am not one of the parents who dislikes television. The Boy has watched some television all his life, and to be honest, TV does a better job teaching him than I do. I tried many things to communicate the concept of color to him, with no success. He also didn’t do great with his letters until he got into “Super Why”. Counting was the one thing that I think he picked up from us.

I know there are a lot of studies and a lot of research that shows that television can lead to attention problems and weight problems. I’m not saying that I know better than the experts. But this is what is working for him. We are a very plugged in household, and that isn’t going to change. I don’t want my son to sit in the house all day, staring at a television or computer, but realistically, screen time is going to be an important part of his life and it will form a core of his learning in the years to come. That’s the way things are moving, and there is really no stopping it.

I do want him to have some hands-on skills as well, and I have plans for having him help in the garden, and with homesteading activities I have planned for the future. I’m hoping to get my first hive set up this spring, and next year perhaps we’ll add chickens. A garden will also be part of our future.

I really am looking forward to spring.

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Sep 28 2013

ABC, sing with me!

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Update on the Charley Harper ABC book from our Citrus Lane box:

The Boy has started loving the alphabet, thanks to Super Why and Alpha Pig. He “says” the alphabet when prompted (“A! B! O! J! D!”) and now loves his ABC book, because I will open it up and make the letter noises for him. He can identify some of the letters. Today I asked him where the O was and he pointed to it. Same with J and V. Lots of people say TV is bad for kids, and I definitely think if you are parking your kid in front of the television all day, that’s no good. However, Super Why has been teaching my son about letters and words much more quickly than I’ve been able to. Now I just reinforce what he’s learned with books and real life examples.

Anyway, point being, he now loves his ABC book, so that’s another check in the Win column for the Citrus Lane box.

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Sep 14 2008

For real?

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Am I insane, or is this a backwards robe?  Can you really sell someone a backwards robe and pretend like it’s a new, revolutionary product?  Well then, I have a backwards flannel shirt to sell you.  Oh, I’m sorry. . . I mean I have the awesome new MINI-SNUGGIE!  By popular demand, the mini-Snuggie, for people who only have a cold torso.

I have to say, the commercial (which you can see at the above link), gets pretty unsettling, because everyone is sporting a crimson Snuggie.  It looks like a commercial full of the Emporer’s Royal Guards, who happen to not be wearing their helmets.  Like it’s Imperial Casual Day.

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Apr 29 2008

Something’s not right.

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I just watched an episode of Cold Case Files on A&E (not Cold Case – that’s fiction, this one’s reality).  This episode had two cases in it, both of murdered women.  The first woman was a prostitute who had been beaten, raped, murdered, and dumped in a canal.  Her murderer was convicted of first degree murder, was sentenced to 15 years and served 7 years.  The second case was of a upper-middle-class woman that was raped and strangled in her home.  Her murderer was convicted of first degree murder and received a life sentence.

Is there a clearer way to illustrate how the quality of justice you receive depends on who you are?  If that first case had been an 18-year-old prom queen, the guy probably would have been executed.

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Mar 18 2008

He shoots his lobster from the three-point line. . . score!

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I’m watching TV and this Red Lobster commercial comes on. I guess it’s Lobsterfest, which makes me sad, because I rarely get to eat lobster. Anyway, I’m watching this commercial, and they do one of those slow-motion, dip the lobster in the butter shots. Only, the butter GEYSERS up over the top of the butter bowl, which would only happen if the person had SLAMMED the fork containing the bite of lobster down into the ramekin. Who does that? No one. Only commercial people do that. I don’t know what it’s supposed to convey, or make you feel. Gushing butter just makes me wince, because I know there will be grease spots over any cloth item it touches. If I was out to dinner with someone who was so excited about lobster that they slam dunked their bite into their melted butter, I might have to take a vow never to eat with that person again. Right after I cleaned up all the collateral butter damage with a moist towelette.

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