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Apr 17 2009

Gone silent.

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I’m not writing, not because I have nothing to say, but because we’re going to be switching web hosts soon, and I already ported my WordPress database over to the new server.  And I don’t want to do THAT over and over again.  So, in a few days or a week, you might not be able to get to the site for a little bit, and then everything will be as it was before…for you.  I’m hoping that things will change for me in that my site is actually UP 99.9% of the time, as guaranteed, instead of down for 5 – 10 minutes at random intervals throughout the day, with no one at tech support telling my why until the very end, when they tell me it’s all my fault.  I don’t mind it being all my fault, I’m willing to take the blame, but I would rather have known that at first (or even second, or EVEN THIRD) so I could fix the problem, then say…a year later when I’m fed up.  Now I will take everything I learned from this place (did you know that you should periodically check and repair your database tables or else you may bring down your server?  I did not) and apply it elsewhere.

Maybe you don’t think it’s fair that I’m punishing my web host for my own ignorance (they certainly don’t), but my philosophy is that it’s my money, and if you don’t tell me that I need to repair my database tables, and I end up bringing down an entire shared server multiple times a week, then you are going to lose my business.  Because I know just enough to be dangerous, apparently, but one thing I know very well is storming off in a huff and transferring blame.  Just ask my husband.

I still am not entirely sure this is all my fault, though.  I don’t know jack crap about databases, but I do know that I installed WordPress and phpbb and that’s it – and according to my web host, because I didn’t check and repair my two databases, I was bringing down the whole server.  My question was:  Why don’t your admins have controls on the server to stop runaway database queries/scripts from bringing down a whole server?  I know that’s possible – my old employer had such controls on their servers; it was impossible for someone to bring down a whole server because their scripts/databases were poorly written or taking too many resources to execute.  I even sent this question in to tech support and the suggestion area AND their corporate people.  And their response was eerie silence.  I guess I blinded them with science, or something.

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Feb 16 2009

New boots!

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So, I went to see Mackers yesterday.  And I took over eleventy billion pieces of clothing from my latest closet thinning.  Lucky for me, between her and her daughter, I only went home with four things.  AND a brand new pair of boots that Audi didn’t want but that I really like.  So, everyone wins!

Sorry if you tried to get to the site while it was begging people to install WordPress.  “PLEASE install WordPress!  I feel so alone!  Why won’t anyone listen to me?!”  Actually, the database that runs my WordPress install had become corrupted, so my site had know way of knowing that it already had WordPress installed.  In essence, my site was brain damaged.  I fixed the database.  It should be okay now.  No more begging.

Today, I have to do some laundry.  And I should probably clean something.  The Man did some dishes yesterday while I was gone, so all I have to do is put them away.  I love The Man.

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Jan 12 2009

Closed comments.

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I just made a change in my settings. Every post older than a year will now automatically have its comments closed. This is because I get people commenting on things I wrote 4 or 5 years ago, and while I’m glad they’re reading, I think the time for those discussions has come and gone.

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May 15 2008


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Two annoying things regarding WordPress: 1) It seems like whenever I update a version, two days later another update comes out and I have to do the whole thing again.  It really pisses me off.  And 2) My WordPress Stats plugin barfed for some reason and is no longer recording stats.  I made all the changes recommended in the FAQ, but it still isn’t working.

One annoying thing not regarding WordPress: the window guy NEVER SHOWED UP last night.  How fucking retarded is that?  He cancels the first appointment due to his poor scheduling abilities, and then never shows up for the reschedule.  How hard is it to call and say “not going to be able to make it”?  Pretty hard, apparently.  Now I have to reschedule with the store and request someone who doesn’t have his head up his ass.

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Apr 15 2008


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The site has been upgraded to WordPress 2.5.  There should be no changes visible to you, but I’m still getting used to the new look of the dashboard.  I’m not sure if I like it.

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